Why can't I add pictures and emoticons to my question (puzzled face emoticon)?

Rachel Amos

Rachel Amos
30 Nov 2021

A: SenseCheck

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  • 30 Nov 2021
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    Can't answer yes or no:

    We do have video capability on what we call "Senate Talk" but this Q&A part of the platform is just text and links. The space is designed to be calm and manageable. We help you build knowledge for the long term and the design reflects this. Adding pictures can help it be more fun and lighthearted but does not act as a store of knowledge. Having said that, adding the video capability on the other side of our platform is awesome - you can add training videos and even host powerpoints. You can also link to them from here like this.

    Be useful, be helpful, be accurate and be kind.

    See also the "Picture superiority effect" debate explanation on Wikipedia and this post here about how people learn through sharing: Why do people share knowledge (on social media / in a business) and how is that relevant to my business and using the Senate products?

    Rachel Amos

    Rachel Amos

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