What is the benefit of using a Q&A platform, isn’t emailing clients easier?

Rachel Amos

Rachel Amos
20 Aug 2021

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  • 07 Sep 2021
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    Email is still top trumps but it takes a lot of time and effort and is still either 1:2:1 (if you do it from your inbox) or you have to build a newsletter and manage the list etc etc. Finding a way to communicate "asynchronously" with either your team, your clients or your suppliers is hard. The rise of slack and whatsapp shows that people want to be able to communicate in a less clunky way (the burden of email filing makes us all shudder) but poses other security / privacy risks and the tail chasing of not being able to follow the thread. Organising more than one answer around a central question is more efficient and helps keep track of whether the answers have moved along. Wading through email chains is tough stuff. So the answer is - it depends on what you want to achieve and what kind of tools you want to use. Email isn't going anywhere soon though, so Senate integrates with your email and you can answer direct through your email if that is your preference (and it is for a lot of clients in the legal sector etc).

    Rachel Amos

    Rachel Amos