Is this better than using LinkedIn or Facebook? How is it different?

Senate Questions

Senate Questions
29 May 2021

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A: SenseCheck

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  • 08 Jun 2021
  • Yes


    Senate elevates the quality of your knowledge sharing. 

    Senate brings professionals and interested users together around a specialist topic in a designated space. This ensures that gaining and giving information is SenseChecked by the crowd. Best practice or best outcomes are surfaced by an informed community without digressions. 

    The design and visual tone of the Senate encourages users to: 1/ focus on the objective - unlike Facebook's informal subjective tone 2/ is dynamic, ever-fresh answers directly help others take action - unlike Linkedin's reflective thought-pieces or self promotion.

  • 08 Jun 2021
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    Can't answer yes or no:

    These are complimentary sites and everyone does something different and you have to work out what is best for you.

    The Senate products (and in particular this area where you are now - SenateSense) are designed to be a helpful, neutral space where you can ask questions that you have and find answers from people who you trust to know what they are talking about. It is a "sensecheck" literally, getting more than one answer to a question and finding the consensus.

    From my perspective, Facebook is a more personal and emotional space but you can also link your business Facebook SM account to the Senate (using the inbuilt social sharing buttons), you can link your LinkedIn page, your twitter account etc. Share a link to questions or answers in Whatsapp or by email. It really is up to you.

    Most importantly, however, if this is your Senate you control the space, the content and the participants. It is not a wide open forum, more a useful curated space for the issues that you have.

    Our add-on product, Senate Talk enables you to collect knowledge from your events and capture them here where you can answer them thoughtfully and fully and also, most importantly, find them again!





    Rachel Amos

    Rachel Amos