Your own Q&A site to use however you like.

The internet is full of noise

It's hard to find an answer to a question

Forums are noisy and time-consuming

Is it up to date?

You can't trust an answer if you don't know its source

It takes too long
to cut through to
the best answer


Asynchronous Q&A delivers consensus


Better Questions



Better Answers

Better answers mean you

Save Time

  • Your crowd answers again and again, building to a consensus

  • Questions become refined

  • Answers get better


Senate for Enterprise

Secure knowledge sharing and record making inside your business

Senate for Everyone

Build your community around knowledge sharing

Up to 1000 users and support

WordPress website for customization

Embedded Questions & Answer page for your community

Powerful search function for historic Q&A

Strong admin controls

Joining and weekly round up email

Single Sign On

Active Directory synchronization

Webinar Add-on

Bulk upload tool

Initial set-up fee



Monthly cost (incl. hosting)



Discount rates for charities and not-for-profits - talk to us