Do you have advice on using platforms to maximise professional knowledge sharing?

Rachel Amos

Rachel Amos
26 May 2021

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  • 09 Jun 2021
  • Yes


    Discover 5 steps to optimise your professional knowledge sharing WEBINAR. 

    Diccon and I explain knowledge sharing in a short webinar, see the link above. 

    We show you how SenateSenate and SenateTalk enable you to build stronger, longer lasting and beneficial communities. 

    Our advice is to: 

    1. Capture: using SenateTalk to host your webinars
 - create a focus for your crowd: clients, colleagues or peers. 
- assemble your crowd. 
- leverage an event, forum or webinar.

    2. Engage: on SenateSense to host your content 
- create content to encourage discussion.
 - use discussion to identify issues relevant to your crowd.

    3. Retain: thro SenateSense Q&A
 - capitalise on post-event enthusiasm. 
- create on-going discussions around the issues. 
- develop rich content around complex problems.

    4. Convert: identify hot topics and cross -sell your expertise 
- leverage freemium content to drive sales of products and expertise.

    5. Track: with Senate metrics 
- track ROI.
 - surface new areas of interest as they arise. 
- identify key areas for business development.